Red Round 3

We're still getting some interesting submissions for our "Red" challenge, and it's wonderful to see how creative people respond to artistic challenges. It's great to just get out and shoot, and for me, it's just as great to sit back and look at others' photos. Here's a couple from my big bro Jim.

He took these red-themed photos in Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado. Accompanying him was our 13-year old niece Becca, who is turning out to be  a wonderful photographer as well. We're going to see some of her photos here soon, I think! Jim, like me, is a Canon shooter, and these were taken with his 40D. I really love his style of shooting and printing, which makes me think he just has a lot of fun with it. The Joy of Photography shouldn't be only a book title, it should be the way we approach our craft very day.

And that got me to reminiscing about my earlier days working with digital photography! I took this shot way, way back when... with a Nikon 995. Remember those? They were sweet indeed. I took this shot of a flaming red Japanese maple in my front yard in Portland, and wondered how it might have held up after all this time...

I hope you're holding up well after all this time, too!