Viewers' Choice!

Alright, this should be fun! Here's the Red photo that Whitney shot just yesterday ~ and I have to say, it's beautiful! I love having these self-imposed "assignments"; it really brings out the creative mojo that we sometimes miss in our day-to-day shooting. And we're leaving the voting up to our friends here in the blogosphere - - what do you think?
This one below is mine. I like it. I like Whitney's better.

And by all means, this light-hearted informal contest is not over. It never really is, because it's something to continually work on. And you guys out there: send something over! Not only do you get the benefit of exercising your creative muscle in the company of your fellow photographers, but there might -- just might -- be a coffee in it for you.  Can't tell me you can pass that up.....

Let me know which one you like the most!