Up For A Challenge?

My friend & studio partner Whitney and I have been shooting for a lot of years. Occasionally we find that we have to prod ourselves into pushing some creative limits to keep things fresh and, yes, fun. So we give ourselves photo challenges, and this time, since we both are blogging, she thought it would be fun to open then up to our friends & followers.
Here's what she's posted:  (http://blissstudioblog.net/)
"The DW Projects

One thing I have learned about photography is you can get a little rusty, burnt out or even just plain Stuck.  The only way I find to get through these bumps or to prevent them from happening is to KEEP SHOOTING.  You have to push through and find ways to keep your creativity flowing.  For me this means not always shooting for money.  Dont get me wrong....I am not saying I need to do a bunch of free shoots...I do need to still make a living! ha ha.  But what I mean is to do some shooting just for myself.  This can mean coming up with something new that I havent tried or just taking an afternoon to shoot. OR even better.....a challenge for me is always to take photographers with NO people. This one is always a bit tough for me but it can help open my mind up to new ideas.

So this brings us to The DW Projects. A good friend/studio partner of mine Dave Hutt decided we would make a little game out of it.  Of course game plus prize will help make me accountable! I am silly...but its true.  Each month he and I will come up with an idea, theme or concept and we will each need to present one photo.  Winner owes the other one coffee :)  Easy enough.  This will also give us each fun little posts throughout the month and if there are any photographers out there who want to follow along and play too that would be awesome!

This month we are going to keep it pretty simple and just go with the word "RED."  There are no rules except it must be a photograph we have taken this month and must fit "RED."

Stay tuned for more blog posts with possible RED photos as well as our final entries at the end of the month...

~Whitney "    
Well, are you up for it? I'm already thinking up some ideas, and would be really jazzed if you are too and feel like sharing with us. And hey, anything goes. Inside or out, people, places, things, abstracts, or just plain strange. Even black & white. As long as it's somehow connected to "RED". Interpret that as you may. The only "rule": it has to be something you are inspired to go out and shoot, not something you've already done. I know, who's going to know. But it keeps in the spirit of things, and puts you on Santa's "good" list.
And as Whitney said, the winner owes the other one coffee! 
Make mine a tall latte.  Toodles!