Workshops & Red!

So, Whitney sent me this photo a few days ago as a not-so-subtle reminder that a) she's working away on our self-imposed "red" challenge (though need I remind her that it's the winner who buys the lattes ~ and besides, this images looks more rust colored than red. Just saying) and b) it's time we start planning up another studio lighting/glamour photography workshop. I really thinks it's about the most fun we have all year.

These workshops are a great way to share in that fun while spending a day with a beautiful model, exploring the many ways to creatively control lighting and posing in the studio. Whitney and I have very different shooting and lighting styles, so we always enjoy working together and getting ideas from each other. Our workshops explore the different ways that we work, offering you a unique approach to helping you develop your own style.

Plus there are opportunities to work with me in the studio throughout the year. I work with Sharon O'Keefe at the Pacific Northwest Center for Photography. I addition to my studio program, she has a whole list of terrific workshops put on by some of the areas most exciting photographers. I've also done workshops over the years with Advance Camera, hosted by my good friend Jordan Sleeth. These are more intensive on studio lighting techniques and, as always, really informative and a lot of fun. Email me for information on any of these or check the "events" page on my davehuttphotography website.  And keep sending me your photos ~ especially something for our current "red" challenge! As for the photo above: now, that's red.
Toodles~   Dave