We're Still Seeing Red ~

Here's a photo taken by my 13 - year old niece Becca with her mom's new Nikon. She's just discovering her interest in photography, and took our "seeing red" challenge quite to heart! I wasn't that much older than her when I first starting taking pictures with my dad's old rangefinder Yashica, so I'm excited to see her go at it!

Here's an image my sister calls simply "cool red wall", which she took while out shooting with my niece. This is what I love about photography, and about giving ourselves artistic projects that focus our attention to details we otherwise miss while going about our daily lives. Seeing art in the world around us is the ultimate human talent, and we don't always need a camera for that. But capturing it is sublime!

I love this old barn image that Becca took: the warm tone, the rough textures, and the old tree that's chewing up the roof. You have to wonder how many people go past this without ever seeing it. Becca, I hope you continue to use your eyes and your camera (or your mom's!) to photograph your world. It's inspiring for all of us who practice this craft!