Upon Further Reflection ~

I think I'd make a great tourist. I'm already a pretty good traveler, but I think I'd make a great tourist. This odd reflection came upon me this past weekend when my wife and I took a few days off at the Oregon coast, and ended up doing an uncharacteristic, "touristy" activity that I would have normally looked down my nose at. There was a steam-train ride out of Garibaldi that sounded like fun. It even offered a senior discount of a whole dollar. Kid you not. Hard to pass that up, and I'm really glad I didn't, because I gave me the opportunity to see this gorgeous early-morning vista on Smith Lake. And no, it's not an iPhone shot; I had my Canon gear with me. That's really how dramatic the light looked that morning, and there's very little photoshop editing on these images other than cropping and some sharpening. Yeah, it's a tourist shot, but darn happy I took it.

I have no moral to this tale, it's just a personal observation and an admonition (to myself, mainly, but if the shoe fits...) to not be too serious, to be open to the new experience, the fun, the silly. Eat an ice cream cone. Take pictures in the rain. And for heaven's sake, take the steam-train ride.

You might get the senior discount.