Studio Day ~

I know that Thursdays have more or less morphed into "Throw-Back Thursdays", and as much as I love to step into the Way-Back machine and abuse my readers with frightening photos from my misspent youth, it's also the day I set aside to get some work done in the studio.  A couple of blogs, websites to manage, a ton of email to answer, and uncounted projects to put finishing touches to. But that doesn't preclude actual photography, and as so often happens, it's the unexpected moments and places that really matter. As in this really sweet portrait of my friend and studio-mate Whitney: we walked up to our favorite local sushi place for lunch (Sushi Ban-Ya, Hall Blvd, Beaverton, if you're interested and I highly recommend!) and found the perfect combination of window light, clean background, and iPhone. You can do the math.

We have a nature path just outside the door to the studio, which we take for the short walk up to the restaurant.  Whitney actually does a lot of sessions along the trail during the year, and it's especially beautiful in the fall. But today we were both captured by this particular quiet little scene.  Even though it was a bright mid-August Oregon sun, we wanted to see if we could somehow capture a quiet and serene moment with the iPhones. I used a couple simple apps, among them one called Mextures, and discovered this.

Ok, now it's back to work. I suppose you'd say the fun and games are over, but if that were actually true, I'd do something else.