Snapshot Sunday ~

Actually, everyday in one way or another is a snapshot day, right? The thing about being surrounded by creative people is to also realize that we're surrounded by beauty no matter where we turn. In this case, it was a group of sweaters and tops that my wife had washed by hand and hung up by an open window to dry. My iPhone is always handy (even if I'm not!). Usually I open up the image in Photoshop to size it, and then work on it with my onOne plug-ins, and in this case I also layered it with a painting app to give it a more interpretive look.

This is more direct look of that image; I love that we're able to manipulate and interpret the images we make in practically unlimited ways.

So today I'm going to pick some blackberries, drink a little beer, watch a baseball game, barbecue with some friends and generally be a nuisance. With my iPhone.