Sauvie Island, late Fall

I thought I'd post some of the shots I took about a week ago out on Sauvie Island - probably autumn's last gasp around here. We took a couple of long hikes, and at times the trails were so covered over with fallen yellow leaves that we were literally slogging through them. And, so typically Oregon, just gray skies and lightly falling rain. I love this time of year!

The past couple months have been fun for me, as I've given myself some challenges to get out of the studio and just pick up the camera and start looking. Actually, seeing. I think it's been good exercise, and has helped to re-charge the creative batteries back in the studio, too. Plus, many of my friends have been sharing their photos with me here, and that's been a terrific joy for me.
I'm going to be continuing our discussion about looking at photographs, and how we go about presenting our work. This has been a wonderful, challenging direction this blog has taken, and I continue to look forward to your input. And your photos. Everything I read and see from you inspires the heck out of me, and makes me realize just how high the bar is out there for truly creative, beautiful photography.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!