RED Results!

I had a chance to get in to the studio a few days ago to spend some time composing a red-themed still life shot. It was a creative "shot in the arm", which is exactly what Whitney & I have in mind when we create these kinds of self-projects. In this image, I wanted to juxtapose a little bit of red with a starkly green background. I tried dozens of simple compositions and dozens of lighting options, but I kind of like this result best. I rarely do still lifes, but wanted to stretch myself a bit. Regardless, to me, the studio is the most fun, most challenging, most creative place on earth.

But sometimes, a delightful image is just hanging outside your door, waiting for you to open your eyes and see it. This fuschia is a case in point -- hanging from a basket just outside our back door, still looking beautiful in mid-October (you gotta love Oregon!). Sometimes I get so fixed on shooting in the studio that I don't always see the simply beautiful images all around me. This is diffused available light (again, Oregon!) captured using a Canon Macro lens, and interpreted using onOne software.
And I couldn't leave without adding a photo I took of my incredibly lovely nieces Becca and Katie. I was in Denver last week conducting a workshop and spent a day up in Loveland with my family.  The beautiful window light created an opportunity to make a simple and serene portrait. I hope Whitney notices the wall is red, too.

What have YOU been working on?  Whatever it is, I hope it's been something that has your creative juices flowing.  Just not on your computer, ok?

That's what coffee is for.  Later, amigos!     Dave